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Our wines symbolize our land and culture. They once were ideas that we brought to life in our vineyards thanks to the meticulous care they receive every day. The work we carry out in our winery is aimed at respecting the grapes and at defining them with the imprint of the vineyard. Our most important value is the personality of our wines and the awareness of their character, even through the nuances of each vintage.

Since its early days, our company has always been producing white, red and rosé Cirò Doc wines. Over the years we expanded our range, introducing Cirò Riserva, the dessert wine, the sparkling wines, as well as new selections made from both native and international grape varieties.

Our land is extremely rich and varied in terms of soil, microclimate, grape varieties and tradition. We work tirelessly to ensure we respect, understand and extol the virtues of this unique heritage.

IGT Calabria
Terre Lontane
IGT Calabria
IGT Calabria
Duca Sanfelice
Doc Cirò
IGT Calabria
IGT Calabria
IGT Calabria
Asylia Bianco
Doc Melissa
Asylia Rosso
Doc Melissa
Brut Bianco
Brut Rosé
Vino bianco frizzante
Labella Rosé
Vino rosé frizzante
Le Passule
IGT Calabria – Vino passito