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Winery visits

Our company is open all year round for visits,
tailored to fit our guests' need

Winery tour

This is our basic tour. Visitors are guided on a winery tour that starts in the wine-making area and ends in the logistics department, passing through the barrel cellar and bottling line. In around half an hour, visitors can experience the little world of Librandi in its entirety. Of course, we are always delighted to offer our guests a glass of wine.

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Visit and tasting session

Our staff takes the guests on an in-depth tour of the winery, followed by a tasting session where they can sample five top wines, including "Le Tenute".

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Librandi Day

This is the most extensive tour we offer, intended to fully communicate the company's philosophy to our visitors. The day begins in the winery, where guests are guided in an in-depth visit of every section. From there, we set off for the Rosaneti vineyards, where we take our visitors on a tour of our vineyards and olive groves on our pick-up trucks. We then head to the summit of the hills, where they can enjoy an especially stunning view. Next, we visit the Agricultural Museum located in the early nineteenth century farmhouse at the heart of the estate. Lunch is then provided at our guest quarters in the farmhouse, and the afternoon is spent by taking a relaxing stroll among the vines.

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