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6 estates, 232 hectares of vineyards, 80 hectares of olive groves.

Just one goal: quality.


This is the family's largest estate. Located between the towns of Rocca di Neto and Casabona, it currently is our flagship estate.

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Extension (ha) 260

Altitude (s.l.m.) 110


Arcidiaconato is located in the town of Strongoli. This was the first estate acquired outside the Cirò Doc region. These vineyards, originally dedicated exclusively to international varieties, eventually gave birth to some of the wines that made our company's history: Gravello, Terre Lontane and Critone.

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Extension (ha) 51

Altitude (s.l.m.) 80


Located among the hills of the traditional Cirò Doc area, this vineyard is where the history of our company began.

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Extension (ha) 22

Altitude (s.l.m.) 80


Estate with eight hectares of vineyards located in the northern part of ​​the Cirò DOC region, in the municipality of Crucoli. It is a small valley overlooking the sea, and its wines are strongly influenced by this proximity.

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Extension (ha) 10

Altitude (s.l.m.) 50

San Biase

Vineyard of slightly less than six hectares located just inland in the Cirò Doc region, and characterized by the red clay which is typical of the area.

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Extension (ha) 5

Altitude (s.l.m.) 45


Small vineyard of one and a half hectares located in a urban area that goes by the same name. It stands, along with very few others, as the symbol of an area historically (and rightly) considered as one of the most suited to wine-making in the entire region.

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Extension (ha) 1,5

Altitude (s.l.m.) 5