Vintage 1999

Our entire history can be summed up in this wine produced from the Gaglioppo grapes that have thrived in the vineyards of Cirņ, or Krimissa as it was known to the ancient world, for three thousand years. It was from this same vine, grown in this same soil, that our ancestors made the famous wine offered to Milo of Crotone when he won the Olympic Games.
The Librandi family follows ancient tradition in the making of Cirņ Rosso, reviving a hint of our glorious past.

Grapevines Gaglioppo 100%
Composition of the soil clayey, calcareous
Quantity of sugar at harvest ca. 20 degrees Babo
Period of harvest October
Yield per Ha 90 - 65 hl
Position of the vineyards Loc. Ponta on the plain of Cirņ
Vinification method thermo-conditioning
Equipment used in the wine production pressing and destemming machines, gentle, cold pressing
Temperature 28/29 degrees C
Period of maceration 5 days
Endurance of the wine in the bottle 5 years
Alcoholic strength 13 % vol.
Total acidity 6.10
Number of bottles produced 800.000
Organoleptic analysis:

Gastronomic matches best with roast red meats, game and wild fowl, spicy and exacting dishes.
Tasting impressions vinous, spicy smell. Dry taste with a good extract consistency.